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Frequently asked questions.......

(1) What are the additional costs in using a brokerage?

Absolutley nothing at all. We invoice our fee to the supplier NOT you. They are happy to pay us our small organizing fee as we ensure their machines are constantly out on hire.

(2) Does the hire rate then go up from the machine owner?

NOT at all, we regulate the hire charges and you may compare with any hirer that we are at market value. We are very strict on ensuring the price is right. We do NOT deal with suppliers who take chances.

(3) Why call a broker when i can call the hirer myself?

In the case of multi hires, small hires or any hire for that matter, large plant companies are seldom able to offer quick, reliable response as they tend to be very busy with many sites or breakdowns within an organization and often the client is let down or held up. We have dedicated personnel to attend to your hire. We have literally hundreds of people to call to ensure one way or the other you get sorted out quickly and efficiently.

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